The Lower Saxony Institute for Biomedical Technology, Implant Research and Development (NIFE) was founded in November 2008 as a joint scientific facility of the MHH, Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover Veterinary School and Hannover Laser Centre, in order to concentrate expertise in implant research at a single site. Work started in December on a new building in the Stadtfelddamm. This is to cost 60 million Euro, with a total area of 13,200 square metres. The MHH contributes its expertise in research in biomedical technology, regenerative medicine and immunology / infectious diseases. Leibniz University Hannover contributes its expertise in engineering and material sciences. Hannover Veterinary School Foundation provides its skills in biological test models and Hannover Laser Centre its experience with lasers. The research workers are currently distributed over 18 departments in 8 sites in the Hannover region. Since the spring of 2016, 300 scientists - including 80 engineers and physicists - are jointly researching in the NIFE just next to the MHH campus.