Welcome to the research consortium BIOFABRICATION

BIOFABRICATION is an interdisciplinary research consortium of the Hannover Medical School, Leibniz Universität Hannover and the Hannover University for Music, Theatre and the Media. The Consortium is supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and the State of Lower Saxony.

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The research consortium BIOFABRICATION for NIFE works on the basis of the general strategic concept of personalized medicine and develops biological and biofunctionalised implants designed for the situation of the individual patient. With these developments, it is possible to do justice to the future requirements for implants and implant safety in a variety of medical disciplines. This development process is accompanied by an innovative concept for the training and post-graduate education of young scientists, as well as the communication of medical innovations to the public, in order to further the public understanding of science.

BIOFABRICATION incorporates the synergistic and integrative collaboration between physicians, engineers and both natural and social scientists. The goal is the sustained acceleration of the development of innovative implant systems, extending to translation to clinical use. The objective is to improve patient care, while retaining a high level of safety.

This approach is unique in Germany.

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